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DogWebs includes the following:
  • Website: Made to your preferences, of color and layout, can be change at anytime on request. Any number of pages & photos can be added.
  • Full hosting
  • Email account email account set up to your domain name, setup on request.
  • Domain name of your choice
    (.com subject to availability, domain name is not registered until payment for the site has been made)

    If you already have a domain name this can be used with your DogWebs site.
  • Full Online support.
  • Submission to the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others.
  • Google Sitemap added.
*Unlimited number of pages and photos, (the site cannot be used for storage, it is limited to photos, and files that are used on the site).
The site cannot be used for major downloads such as MP3s or Videos. (You can add videos using YouTube)
If you are not sure if it is going to be suitable for your needs please ask.
(*we have never found the need to set limits, but reserve the right to do so if needed.)
DogWebs sites cannot be used for any illegal purpose as deemed by us, any site found doing so will be removed immediately!
Edit pages that come with a DogWebs site give you the ability to add new pages, edit existing pages, add/edit text, add photos, add/edit formatted text.

Updates using your edit pages are unlimited and instant.

Any other changes needed can be made on request, at no extra cost.

  • DogWebs is only $109US per year, there is no monthly fee (can be paid in your local currency)
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