• How much are you paying for your current website?
    DogWebs is only $119 per year.
  • Did you have to pay a setup fee?
    DogWebs has no setup fee.
  • Do you have to pay every time you wish to make an update?
    With DogWebs you can update your site at anytime free of charge.
  • Do you need to rely on someone else to update your site?
    With DogWebs, you can update the site quickly and easily using the simple edit page, updates are instant.
  • Are you getting charged extra hidden fees?
    DogWebs has only one low fee of $119 per year all inclusive, there are no hidden charges.
  • We are dog people, we understand what breeders require.
  • We are so confident you will like DogWebs, we offer a free 30 Day (payment  required),  free trial.

       With DogWebs there are no setup fees, there is only one charge of $119 once per year you can update your site at anytime quickly and instantly, at no extra expense.